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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our help section. To assist customers finding and ordering photographs, we’ve created a list of frequently asked questions and their answers below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please give us a call at: +33 2 41 88 05 85..

When and how can I view all my photos?
Typically on the Monday following the event.
We keep you informed on our site’s front page once all the photographs are posted online.
Then, you can access your photographs by first clicking on your event name and fill out either your race number or your last name in the appropriate field.

Do you have more photos?
Unfortunately, no. All the photos we have for an event are archived under your race number.

I don’t have any photos, why?
There are 2 possible reasons:
- Your race number was either partially or totally obscured (often by your own arms, clothing or by others in the race),
- You manage to sneak by our photographers.
However, you may find it worthwhile to look through our “unidentified photos” sections. You can access those photos by:
- Clicking on your event name,
- Entering numbers 90000, 91000 and 92000 instead of your race number.

Will the photo I receive have similar quality to the one I see in the proof on the screen?
The proofs you see online are screen-resolution representations and are lower quality and resolution than the actual images from which enlargements are printed. This technology allows visitors to the web site to view images which load up quickly and help us fight against hacking.
The print you will receive comes from the original high resolution file.
Each photograph is viewed and checked by a qualified operator (quality, angle of shot, clearness, etc.) and then posted on line. This ensures top quality photos.

Is the quality of the photo guaranteed?
Maindru Photo has been a sports photographer for 30 years. We offer you professional high quality photos.
Our 20 photographers have been trained by Michel Maindru and they use our best canon cameras.
We are committed on the clearness, the angle of shot, the contrasts, the density and the colours.
Each photograph is identified and checked by a qualified operator and then posted on line. This ensures top quality photos.

Who is in charge of the photo printing?
We handle ourselves the printing processing on our professional laboratory. All images are printed on Fuji photo paper. This enables us to ensure true professional prints and a quick order processing.
Only the 50x75 cm posters are subcontracted in the largest professional French laboratory, a KODAK subsidiary.

What sizes can I buy?
We offer you different sizes, from the 13x19 cm up to the 50x75 cm. Please see the “products and prices” section for further details.

What’s an e-mail photo?
The e-mail photo is an original JPEG format image sent to your electronic address. Its size is 2464x1648 pixels. You will be able to use it as a wallpaper for your computer screen, in a photo display, or insert it in a multi-media work, or simply print it yourself on digital paper if you own a photo quality printer.
Please note: Before the order, please make sure that your mail box is not full and that it can receive one or several image files of 1 Mo each.

What’s a pack?
The privilege pack includes all your personal photos (one race and one race number) taken during an event, at a special price. This appealing price is valid no matter how many photos you have.

How do I place an order?
You have 4 ordering options:
- On the website
- By post or by fax
- By phone
- By e-mail
1 – Online order
Select your chosen pictures and add them to your cart. Then click on the “order” button and follow the instructions.
2 – Order by post or by fax
You can either download and print out an order form over the internet, fill it in and send it out to Maindru Photo together with a cheque, or use the order form with proof photos you will receive at your home within a few days after the event.
3 – Order by phone
Please note down the photo numbers you want to order and call us at +33 2 41 88 05 85.
4 – Order by e-mail
Please send an e-mail to maindru@maindruphoto.com with the name of the race, the race number, the photo number, the size, the delivery address and your credit card details.

What are the different means of payment accepted?
● by credit card for all the different kinds of orders (over the internet, by post, by fax and by phone)
● by cheque (only for France and the French Overseas Departments and Territories)
● by bank transfer
● by postal order (order via post)
● cash on delivery (order via post)

What are the advantages when ordering over www.maindruphoto.com
The online order is quick. It’s processed within 48 hours, departure from Angers. The other kinds of orders are processed within 10 days.
The online order is secure (Crédit Mutuel bank, Cybermut secure payment website).
It is also easier to place your order with your “internet customer account”, and you can benefit from internet special offers.

Is it possible to order for several races and several race numbers at the same time over the internet?
Yes, it is. Please view the different races and/or race numbers and add the photos to your cart.

Is my payment secure?
Yes, it is. You are connected to the Crédit Mutuel Bank Secure Payment Website.
We do not have access to your bank details. That is why you need to give them back to us each time you place an order.

How long will it take once I order to receive my products?
Your internet orders are processed within 48 hours, departure from Angers (except for t-shirts and posters 50x75 cm, shipped out within 10 days). You also need to add postal delivery time which is variable.
Your order by post is processed within maximum 10 days (on receipt of the order), departure from Angers (average shipping time in 2005: 6 days).

How long will my photos be available for viewing on www.maindruphoto.com
They will be available on the site for at least one year.

How long do you keep the photos in your archives?
Photos from the very first Dakar rally, Touquet Enduro, or Tunisia rally are still available.
For the other events, all the photos taken since 2003 are available. You can order them if you still have the photo numbers. Your order will be processed within minimum 2 months.

What are the shipping and packaging rates?
Those charges are the shipping charges for an order including automatically the sending of an invoice.

Can I use my photos for editorial purposes?
All images are press copyright free. You just have to mention the photo credit “Maindru Photo”, according to the law.
Please contact us for any other specific requirements.

Can I use my photos for advertising purposes?
Yes, you can.
Please contact us for any other specific requirements.

Will you only use my postal address to fill my order?
YES, WE WILL. This information is only used to process and ship your order.
MAINDRU PHOTO will never sell or provide your address to any other companies. You will never receive offers of other companies through the intermediary of Maindru Photo.